Pinvin Parish Council Newsletter – August 2020


In April this year Wychavon District Council carried out a postal housing needs survey for the residents of Pinvin. This survey included a section on resident’s view of Pinvin as a place to live. The results of this survey showed several areas of concern. This newsletter aims to update residents on the actions that the Parish Council have taken and plan to take to tackle these issues.

Speeding of vehicles through the village

In 2017 the Parish Council met with a representative from Worcestershire County Council highways department to ask for advice on how to slow the speed of vehicles through Pinvin. We followed his recommendations and installed village gates at the 30mph entry and painted dragon’s teeth markings on the road at the 40mph entry near to Long Lane. We purchased a second vehicle activated speed sign.

The council also investigated setting up a volunteer-run Community Speed Watch to allow residents to take an active part in monitoring speeding in the village. This was deemed not to be viable at the time by the Speed Watch coordinator due to the average speed of vehicles which led to Pinvin having regular visits from the speed van, parked opposite the Hayfields estate.  The Operations Manager for West Mercia Police Road Safety has told the council that the speed of vehicles through the village has decreased on average since the presence of the speed van, but the speed van has not visited recently due to the lockdown. We are pushing again for Community Speed Watch to happen in Pinvin.

Several residents have approached the Parish Council to volunteer to help with fundraising or who are willing to donate towards further methods to reduce traffic speeds. The suggestion has been made to install speed indicator sign near to the Gosney Fields and Hayfields estates. This would cost around £4,000. Councillor Liz Tucker (WCC) has promised £1,000 from the funds for community projects and the Parish Council will provide £1,000 from its funds. We hope the remaining £2,000 would come from the village through donations and fundraising.

If anyone is willing to organise/help with fundraising or willing to make a donation, please contact the Parish Council Clerk, Carole Hirst  at .

Increasing number of HGVs

The Parish Council is constantly monitoring this issue. WCC highways laid speed monitoring in 2016 which recorded the number and type of HGV’s as well as the speed.  Cllr Tucker organised for monitoring to be laid across Main Street before lockdown this year. The latest results have not been sent to us as yet, but when we have received them we will take any action we can if the numbers have increased substantially in the last four years. The Parish Council has limited powers as the road through Pinvin is a ‘B’ road and the airfield at Throckmorton has been given planning permission for various storage depots.

Community Spirit

The Parish Council, over the last two years, has bid for and been awarded £40,000 from New Homes Bonus and Section 106 funding. This money is for community initiatives asked for by residents.

So far £20,000 has been spent on new playground equipment, and there is now play equipment suitable for pre-school children as well as the older age group. The playground has recently had fencing erected around it to make it a safer environment. We have also installed a new picnic bench in the play area.

A further £8000 will be spent on a teen shelter and basketball hoop, to be installed in the autumn at the edge of the playing fields. These two items have been asked for by residents. The shelter will be enclosed with clear plastic sides and roof so will also provide shelter for dog walkers, walkers and family groups.

The final £12,000 is earmarked to be spent on developing a community orchard. This will be planted between the allotments and the playing fields. If anyone would be interested in planning and developing the orchard please contact Parish Council clerk, Carole Hirst .

Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall is managed by the Memorial Hall Committee. They have an AGM on Thursday 20 August at the Memorial Hall, please go along and support them.

Playing Fields

The playing fields are managed by the Playing Fields Committee.  With no organised teams in the village and little support, they have decided to close the charity.  This means that management of the playing fields will revert to the Parish Council once the legal process is completed. The Parish Council is looking to organise the removal of the burnt-out container and the repair or removal of the other buildings.

Public Meeting

The Parish Council will be organising a public meeting to discuss traffic issues in early September, provided the Memorial Hall proves suitable with social distancing rules!