Telephone Scam Alerts

Courier fraud – Don’t be conned by phone

Phone scammers cold call you claiming to be a bank employee, police officer or other official. They say your account has been hacked and that they need to seize the cards and security details, including PIN numbers, to stop further fraudulent transactions. In some cases, a courier arrives to collect the bank card from your home.

These fraudsters often suggest you hang up and call the number on the back of the bank card – but remain on the line to intercept the call.

Protect yourself:

Your bank or police will NEVER send a courier to your home to collect bank cards

Your bank or police will NEVER ask for your PIN number

If you receive one of these calls, end it immediately

Always be wary of any unsolicited callers – if in doubt, hang-up the phone or close the door and call police

Report it immediately

Call police on 101 if you are contacted by someone asking for your PIN number, your bank card or both

Call your bank from another telephone – the fraudster may still be on the other line

Remember: Card collect is a con… Help police, pass it on.

Computer Scam

Male states he is from Windows (Computers) and that my computer/internet has been hacked. This is not the first call in the last week. I have had about 6 in just over a week. I haven’t been hacked. I put the telephone down and rang Action Fraud. Action Fraud says it’s a very big SCAM they are looking into.

Action Fraud explained how the scam works. The person rings you up stating you have been hacked. Gets you to give them remote internet access to your computer and then they are on your computer. They then do stuff to your laptop and for you to have use of your computer again will ask you for pay £??? amount or they could put software on your computer so when you log into something like internet banking they will get your details.

If you receive this sort of telephone call, put the telephone down, leave for several minutes to make sure the line has cleared and report it to ACTION FRAUD on 0300 1232040 –

Be Careful, if in doubt put telephone down, ring 1471 for the telephone number (It’s not a UK number the SCAMS call from) and REPORT to ACTION FRAUD on 0300 1232040 –

Stay Safe!

Stephen Hornberger

Treasurer of Worcester City Neighbourhood Watch Association

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) which assesses Action Fraud reports has said that between June 2014 and November 2014 there were over 12,000 reports that were categorised as a Computer Software Service Fraud. Analysis of those reports suggests that callers purport to be from a variety of organisations such as Microsoft, TalkTalk, BT as well as more generic sounding organisations such as the ‘Windows Technical Department’.

They also said there was a total reported loss of £691,446 with some victims losing up to £6,000.

For full details and further advice regarding this scan please click on the following link

Please keep your property secured, remembering outbuildings and vehicles. If it is moveable and accessible, it may well disappear!

Please keep your doors and windows secure, not forgetting garages & sheds.

Keep valuables out of sight, use property markers, photograph treasured items, note serial numbers for items having them and insure your belongings!

Thieves are especially targeting high value electronic items, power tools, hand tools, cycles, catalytic converters (from non-garaged vehicles) and even contents of freezers.

Be vigilant, report suspicious individuals, activities or vehicles on non-emergency number 101.

Emergency Numbers

Electricity Power Loss: 08457 331 331

Gas Leaks: 0800 111 999

Water – Severn Trent: 0800 783 4444


Leisure Centre: 552346

Number 8: 555488

Pershore Library: 553320

Talking Newspaper: 554955