Pinvin says NO! to the Mushroom Factory- Notes from the Zoom Meeting on 11th May 2021

Pinvin says NO! to the Mushroom Factory

Notes from the Zoom Meeting on 11th May 2021

Publicity photo shoot

The Head at the schools has agreed that this will be on Friday 21st May on the school fields.  We will meet outside the front of the school at 4pm.

We would like as many children as possible to come along to take part in the picture for the paper. We have ask that they are accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult.

We would also welcome as many residents without children as can make it to come along as well to emphasise that all the residents are making a stand against the Mushroom Factory.

Thanks to Alan for the idea of props such as mushroom that can squash as part of the publicity.


Simon Rees has been engaged to prepare the representation of us and he will be working on that next week.


We have investigated crowdfunding web sites and have found that we will lose between 3% and 5% in charges, which for us is a lot money for no gain.  We would also only get the sums donated typically once a month!

It was agreed that residents would be happy donating directly to the Parish Council website, where the money will be ring-fenced for spending only on any further consultancy or legal fees that are agreed.  Any money left over and not spent will be returned proportionately to givers.

A note on how to pay will be distributed separately.

Next Zoom meeting

The next Zoom meeting will be on 25 May at 19:30. Joining details (you will be reminded nearer the time!):

Meeting ID: 718 197 0587