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Pinvin Parish Council – Vacancy for co-option onto the Parish Council.

Pinvin Parish Council has a vacancy for a Parish Councillor. Pinvin has around 640 electors. The Parish Council may have up to 7 members. The council currently has 6 Councillors and a vacancy for a Parish Councillor currently exists. The precept for the year 2019/20 is £18,200. The Council meets on the first Tuesday in […]

Major Development in Throckmorton Area – Plans for new town of 2000+ homes.

Throckmorton has been identified as the centre of a site for a proposed new town of 2000 homes (around the size of Pershore), rising to 6000, that goes way beyond the airfield! The planners are holding a SHORT consultation exercise from 4th November until 16th December. This is the only chance for public comment on […]

Snow Clearing

Worcestershire County Council utilises local contractors to assist us with snow clearing across the County. They are always looking to increase these, as the service they can provide to us is invaluable, especially in assisting in clearing roads to local isolated communities during severe weather. Contractors are assigned to specific zones, based on where they […]